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Notification of Change of  "Terms of Service"

Sep 26, 2018

Dear SkyDesk Customers,


Thank you for using SkyDesk services. We greatly appreciate your business.

"Terms of Service"  will change as of October 31, 2018.


Content of the change

(1) Rearranged the article numbers throughout the Terms of Service

(2) Clarified the wordings throughout the Terms of Service

(3) Clarified and added contents based on the actual operations throughout the Terms of Service

(4) Added contents related to service specific terms and restrictions in the European Economic Area (Article 1)

(5) Added contents related to Cards R (Articles 9, 14)

(6) Added contents related to the third party subcontract (Article 16)

(7) Added examples to clarify contents (Articles 20, 22)

(8) Changes based on My Number System in Japan (Article 20)

(9) Changes enhance security (Article 24)

(10) Added contents related to usage of personal information and data storage (Article 28)

(11) Added contents related to handling personal information in pay service (Terms of Pay Service: Article 16)

(12) Added contents related to change of modification of the service terms (Terms of Pay Service: Article 18)


Terms of Service (from October 31, 2018)