This page provides you with information about SkyDesk updates/maintenance and issues.

End of Support for SkyDesk Mail & SkyDesk Support [preanouncement]

Feb 28, 2019

Dear Customers,

Thank you for using SkyDesk services. We greatly appreciate your business.

We will stop supporting for SkyDesk Mail and SkyDesk Support as of 29th March, 2019.
Both services can be accessed after the end of support but some or all of the features may be unavailable.

Customers having introduced our paid plan with multiple services will be separately informed of our transfer plan to the Zoho services. We appreciate your patience and kind cooperation.

[Announcement of our partnership with Zoho]


Along with the end of support for both services, the following features for other related services cannot be used:

[For SkyDesk CRM]

[For SkyDesk Docs]

[For SkyDesk Creator]

[For SkyDesk Reports]

[For SkyDesk Projects]

[For SkyDesk SalesIQ]

[For SkyDesk Calendar/SkyDesk Tasks/SkyDesk Notes/SkyDesk Contacts/SkyDesk Bookmarks]

  • Operations on Calendar/Taks/Notes/Contacts/Bookmarks Tabs in SkyDesk Mail

[For SkyDesk Organization Settings]

  • Features Available in the "Organization" at the Top Right Corner of Home Panel
  • Features Available on the Control Panel in SkyDesk Mail