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Fonts Update Information [update]

Dec 25, 2018

(Dec.25, 2018) Modified information on alternative fonts and updated the status of change.
(Nov.12, 2018) Modified information on alternative fonts and date of change.

(Nov.06, 2018) Added/modified information on alternative fonts.

(Oct.22, 2018) Added information on alternative fonts.

Dear customers,

Thank you for using SkyDesk. We greatly appreciate your business.

As announced previously, we have started changing fonts used in SkyDesk from November 26th, 2018.
If you are using SkyDesk CRM's Inventory Templates with HTML code, you can test them by assigning the alternative fonts.


Old Fonts New Fonts
  • Arial
  • Arimo
  • Verdana
  • DejaVu Sans
  • Century Gothic
  • TeX Gyre Adventor
  • Courier New
  • TeX Gyre Cursor
  • Georgia
  • Heuristica
  • Tahoma
  •  DejaVu Sans Condensed
  • Times New Roman
  •  Liberation Serif
  • Trebuchet
  •  Fira Sans
  • Book Antiqua
  •  TeX Gyre Pagella
  • Lucida Console
  •  Cousine
  • MS Gothic
  •  Ume Gothic
  • MS Mincho
  •  Ume Mincho
  • MS PGothic
  •  Ume P Gothic
  • MS PMincho
  •  Ume P Mincho