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SkyDesk CRM Update Information [update]

Oct 30, 2018

Dear customers,

Thank you for using SkyDesk CRM. We greatly appreciate your business.
As we announced previously, we updated SkyDesk CRM.

Removing response headers(X-RATELIMIT-LIMIT、X-RATELIMIT-REMAINING、X-RATELIMIT-RESET) has not been done yet.

Oct 15, 2018

Dear customers,

Thank you for using SkyDesk CRM. We greatly appreciate your business.

We are going to implement a couple of important changes concerning v2.0 API Limits in SkyDesk CRM.
The two major changes that will be implemented are:

1. A new system of calculating the API Rate Limits
Currently, the per minute API rate limits are calculated based on the number of API calls made for a user/min/oauth2 app.
For example, currently in the Enterprise Edition, the API Rate limit is - 100 requests/minute/user/app

However, from now on, instead of calculating the number of API calls made in a minute, the rate limit will be calculated based on the number of concurrent calls made per user per app. Therefore, the rate limits, or the 'concurrency limits' as it shall be termed henceforth, will now specify the maximum number of API calls that can be simultaneously active at a given point of time, for a user per app. The new concurrency limits for various editions are as below;

Edition Concurrency limits for a User/App
Free 5
Standard 10
Professional 15
Enterprise 20

You will be able to make any number of API calls in a minute without restrictions, enabling you to work uninterrupted, provided the number of concurrent calls are within the specified limits.

Response headers of X-RATELIMIT-LIMIT, X-RATELIMIT-REMAINING, and X-RATELIMIT-RESET will no longer be available, once the API limit changes are implemented.


2. An increase in API Limits
We are also increasing the maximum API call limits that can be made in a 24-hour window. This increase is the result of associating API calls with 'Credits'. These credits will be deducted from your Credit Count, based on the type of the API call that you make. Since the new credit count that we provide is almost double the old maximum API call limits, there will be a huge performance boost.

The revised Maximum Credit Limits in a 24-hour window are as below;

Edition Old maximum call limits New maximum Credit
Professional 100,000 200,000
Enterprise 300,000 500,000

The credit deduction for some of the API operations are listed below;

API calls Credit
Get Users/Roles/Profiles 1
Get list of Modules 1
Get Field Meta Data 1
Get Module Meta Data 1
Get IDs of deleted records 2
Get records with cvid parameter 3
Convert Lead 5
Add/Remove Tags to Multiple records 1 credit for every 50 records
Insert/Update/Upsert 1 credit for every 10 records
Bulk Read Initialize 50
All other APIs 1

As you can see, a commonly used API call, such as Get records, will consume only a minimum amount of credits. However, an intensive API call, such as Convert Lead, will consume more credits, because of the heavy amount of operations involved in it.

The Insert/Update/Upsert API call can be made for a maximum of 100 records, and the Add/Remove Tags to Multiple records API call can be made for a maximum of 500 records. Therefore, the maximum number of credits that can be deducted for these two API calls are 10.

These changes will not affect the functioning of your existing CRM system.These changes are only concerning the way we meter the API limits.


Note: The features described here may be changed before the release.