This page provides you with information about SkyDesk updates/maintenance and issues.

SkyDesk Social New UI

Dec 26, 2018

We are sorry to say, but we decided to change the plan.

We will perform this UI change at January 7th. 2019 and every user will be forcefully migrated to new UI.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you very much for using SkyDesk Service.

We will change SkyDesk Social UI at the end of January 2019.
If you are interested in the new UI, Please contact us:
We will provide the switch button  in your Social screen so that you can switch old/new UI anytime you want.

When you request us, you do not need any paid license.
Please sign up SkyDesk and access to SkyDesk Social ( before the request.

After Feburary 2019, Social is completely changed to new UI and you cannot switch to the old.

Thank you for your understanding.