This page provides you with information about SkyDesk updates/maintenance and issues.

[Jul 09th Edited] SkyDesk Mail UI update

Jun 21, 2018

[Jul. 09th Added]
We have terminated the old UI on July 06th.
Switch button in setting panel is NOT working.

[Jun. 22nd Added]
1. We will update SkyDesk Mail 2018 today, Jun 22nd.
2. We will terminate traditional old UI on July 06th 2018.

[Jun. 08th Added]
1. We will perform this update during Jun 11st - Jun 22nd.
2. There are 3 kinds of UI for SkyDesk Mail, namely, traditional, 2016 and 2018 UI. we will provide only traditional and 2018 UI after 2018 comes. The users who created the mail account before 2016 only have the traditional UI and it is completely different from the SkyDesk Mail 2018. This traditional UI will be terminated within one month after Mail 2018 UI provided. However, 2016 UI is similar to Mail 2018 UI, so it is automatically switched to Mail 2018 UI and cannot switch to older version.

Dear SkyDesk Customers,

Thank you very much for using SkyDesk Service.

We will update SkyDesk Mail user interface as SkyDesk Mail 2018 in this month.
You will be able to switch it from current new UI.
We are planning to  terminate old UIs within one month after the SkyDesk Mail 2018 provided. 

Tabs traversed to the top
Tabs in the right are now moved to the top. This makes them easily accessible and also consistent with the browser tabs. 



plashy icons, that you can't miss

All the icons have undergone a complete makeover. We have added a dash of colors to the icons, to make them stand-out and enable users to explore all the apps in the Mail-suite.


Super Compact view

SkyDesk Mail now supports a Super Compact view to enable more emails to be listed per page. This is in addition to the Compact and Classic views that we already support.



Attachment Viewer, Settings, and What’s New

Attachment Viewer, Settings, and What’s New icons are now on the right side of your mailbox for better visibility.

Faster webmail

We have revisited the overall performance of the interface. You will be able to notice significant improvements in the initial loading time, compose actions and listing.


Timely Templates

You can now categorize the templates during creation. We have also added an option to create a new template from the Templates folder itself. The categories will come handy when you want to insert a template in your email.

Reader view 

The reader view has been enhanced to indicate the presence of attachments and the number of attachments.

Conversation settings 

Based on the usage stats, we found that folder specific conversations is used sparsely and also is unclear for our new users. Hence we decided to get rid of it for good.

Sort emails in the Folder - Retain and revive -

The sort option chosen for the folder, with conversation view turned off, will now be remembered and revived in future sessions.