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SkyDesk Mail Search update

Apr 11, 2018

Dear SkyDesk Customers,

Thank you very much for using SkyDesk Service.

We will update search function in SkyDesk Mail.The New SkyDesk Mail Search is designed to strike a balance between making search easier and ensuring that users find it easy to adapt to the new search. Unlike the old search, the new search covers all the entities in SkyDesk Mail and provides more refined results. While the old Search covers the Mail, Streams, Contacts and Tasks entities, all the existing entities are covered in the new search.

Commonly used Search Parameters

Three parameters that are commonly used to search for emails are the contains, from and the in folder parameters.

1. Parameter - 'contains':
The 'contains' parameter in general searches for emails that contain the keyword you've entered. It might be in any part of the email or part of the email address.
In the old search, the 'contains' parameter had to be used by typing in a keyword, and it would automatically be searched with the 'contains' parameter.

Using the 'contains' parameter in the new search:
Similar to the old search, the new search also automatically searches using the 'contains' parameter if the parameter is not selected. Alternatively, if you want to use several parameters to narrow down your search, you can choose the 'contains' parameter, type in your keyword, and select the next parameter and search.


2. Parameter - 'from':
The 'from' parameter searches for emails from the email address that you've entered as the search key.
In the old search, the 'from' parameter could be used by clicking the search icon in the top menu bar, select the 'From' option, and type in the respective email address.

Using the 'from' parameter in the new search:
Searching using the 'from' parameter is very similar to the old search. All you have to do is select the 'from' parameter form the listing, and type in the relevant email address. This will fetch emails that you have received from the email address that you've entered.


3. Parameter - 'in folder':
If you're sure about an email that has landed in a particular, you can make use of the 'in folder' parameter to narrow down your search to a particular folder alone.
In the old search, there were options to search in either the folder you're currently landed in, or to search in all folder across your mailbox, by selecting either in 'Search in this folder' or 'Search in all folders' options.

Using the 'in folder' parameter in the new search:
In the new SkyDesk Mail search, there's an option that is provided to search in a particular folder. You can select the 'In Folder' parameter, and select the folder that you want to search in, from the listing. You can select your other parameters and enter the search keys to narrow down your search and get the exact results.


Entity-based Search

In addition to being able to search across emails, Streams posts, Tasks, and Contacts, the new SkyDesk Mail search now lets you search across all applications within SkyDesk Mail.
The Streams search has also been enhanced with the addition of several parameters that make searching across Streams content across any group easier, and faster.

The Bookmarks, Notes and Attachment search options fetch content from these applications and help you find exactly what you're looking for. Now, you can also search for events without a strain, using the full-fledged Calendar search.

All of these, with several other enhancements to the already existing search, helps find what you're looking for, easily, and much faster.
List of Search Filters available in New Search for Each Application

100+ search filters available to find what you need.