This page provides you with information about SkyDesk updates/maintenance and issues.

[Resolved] Feb 1st, 2019 SkyDesk Cards R Connector failure

Mar 15, 2019

The firmware for the following models were also released;
MFP models : ApeosPort-V C7785/C6685/C5585

Mar 5, 2019

We updated the information about SkyDesk Cards R Connector failure.  

[Released firmware]

MFP models : ApeosPort-V C7776/C6676/C5576/C4476/C3376/C3374/C2276


[Unreleased firmware]

MFP models : ApeosPort-V C7785/C6685/C5585

Scheduled : Middle of March, 2019.


Feb 13, 2019

[Date when fixed firmware is released]
End of February, 2019.

Feb 5, 2019


Currently, SkyDesk Cards R Connector does not work on below models.

 MFP models : ApeosPort-V C7776/C6676/C5576/C4476/C3376/C3374/C2276/C7785/C6685/C5585


[Registering business cards by MFP]

 If you use the above models, please follow the steps listed below to register business cards.

  1. Scan business cards by MFP and save these images on your computer.

  2. Upload these images via WEB browser.  (Add New Business Card)

Feb 1, 2019


Currently, SkyDesk Cards R Connector does not work under specific conditions.

[Occurrence condition]
Applicable MFP models : ApeosPort-V C7776/C6676/C5576/C4476/C3376/C3374/C2276/C7785/C6685/C5585
Firmware versioin : Not supported version

[Way of solving the problem]
Using the firmware that is supported version. Supported firmware is described in the manual.