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Feb 16th, 2018 SkyDesk CRM failure in editing records (Feb 19th, 15:30 updated)

Feb 16, 2018

Added Feb 19th, 2018. 

Please refer here to know how to manually sync the un-synced records which were added during Feb 15th 19:27 JST to Feb 17th 05:27 JST. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.



Thank you for using SkyDesk service.

We have fixed the issue on Feb 17th 05:27 JST. The issue started happinig from Feb 15th 19:27 JST.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.


Currently, Feb 16th 09:00 JST, we found some failure in creating, editing, deleting SkyDesk CRM records.
We are working on fixing this issue on top priority.
Details are below.

  • Web browser
    You cannot Edit, Delete events/tasks through calendar view.
    You can Create a new events/tasks through calendar.
    Any other tabs are woking fine without any issue. You can Create/Edit/Delete records.

  • Mobile apps (iPhone, Android)
    You cannot Create a new records.
    You can Edit/Delete exist records.
    However, you cannot Edit the records which you create a new during in this failure.
    (Added 11:15 JST)
    The records which you created from mobile apps during in this failure will not be syned with web CRM.
    Please create records from web browser, not from mobile apps.
    If you create same records both from web and mobile apps, the events should be dupulicated in your mobile apps, so please remove the one which created from mobile apps.
    (Added 13:35 JST)
    If you do Reset in mobile app settings, the records which you created only from mobile app during in this failure will be removed from you mobile.
  • API
    CRM insertReocrds API is not working.
    Due to this, if you insert records by using API, webhook, custom function, they will not be updated normally.
    (Added 13:50 JST)
    We found that updateRecords API has been working without any issue.
    We wrongly reported that a part of updateRecords was not working, but there has been no issue.
    We apologize again about that.
  • Integrations(Added 15:20)
    Due to the failure of insertRerocds API, any integration features using insertRecords are not working.
    For example, BCC Dropbox for newly receiver, Google/SkyDesk Calendar integration for new events, SalesIQ(Visitor) integrations.
    In these features, update exist records will work correctly but create new records are not working.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.